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Mediation: It’s All About Communication & Compromise

Paths joining together (713) 248-0125. Wilson Mediation Services.  Douglas B Wilson, Attorney at Law/Mediator.  Houston, TXWhen individuals or businesses have a conflict they are unable to settle between themselves, a mediator is often called in to help facilitate a resolution. This helps to avoid legal action in a courtroom, which saves time, money and energy.

A mediator is a neutral third party who helps those involved communicate more effectively so both parties can reach an amicable compromise.

Mediation is a process. It can be especially useful when communication has broken down or there are intense emotions involved. The key to successful mediation is that both parties understand the issues involved and are willing to listen to options and rationale presented by an unbiased mediator.


Understanding Conflict

The American Heritage Dictionary defines conflict as “a state of disagreement and disharmony; a clash; a collision.” Conflict is a normal part of life and is inevitable in human relationships. The potential for conflict in your life is everywhere: work, home, accidents, school, and many other areas. It is important that differences are resolved before relationships are permanently damaged.

Roles & Results

With the input of the parties involved, the mediator will help draft an agreement outlining the terms of the settlement. Your attorney will be present to clarify any legal issues and advise you accordingly. Once it is signed, it is a binding legal document.

Doug’s Guarantee

In all mediations, Doug Wilson commits to his 10-point Checklist of Excellence:

  1. I will treat all parties with respect.
  2. I will conduct the mediation with respect to process.
  3. I will be fully prepared to work.
  4. I listen with a fair, neutral and compassionate mind and attitude.
  5. I will ask quality questions.
  6. I will be open to learning.
  7. I will help find answers.
  8. I will keep working until an amicable compromise to settle or not to settle  is reached.
  9. I will maintain confidentiality before, during and after the mediation session.
  10. I will charge a fair and reasonable fee.


What others are saying...
Mr. Wilson did an excellent job in mediating. When it appeared that there would be an impasse, Mr. Wilson kept the parties in the mediation until a settlement was reached.
You got us across the line with amazingly little pain and stress. Your human and case-customized approach is exactly what we needed.
Your down to earth style got both sides talking and moving towards a fair settlement.
Your approach is exactly what we needed.


Mediation services include civil lawsuits involving:

  • Personal injury
  • Employment
  • Real estate
  • Commercial
  • Oil and Gas
  • Probate
  • Construction
  • Medical and professional malpractice
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Hurricane-related cases


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