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	 Peggy is happy that Doug is reading "The Emotionally Unavailable Man" by Patti Henry M.Ed.,L.P.C. and Doug is happy that Peggy is reading..".The Need .to Please" by Micki Fine M.Ed LPC




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 "Connecting is Healing"

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 "Safe Conversation" Workshops in Dallas offers couples workshops , presented by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt and Colleagues of Marriage Counseling Houston Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard


 Quote "by about  Marriage Counseling counselor Peggy Halyard

"Houston Marriage Counseling’s Google Plus account, operated by counselor Peggy Halyard, highlights the foremost ways to improve relationships and why being proactive about fixing problems can hold such fruitful rewards. The page posts some of the best articles from other resources on one page, so counselors should check here for a dense amount of tools."



Accredited, recently published a new guide to promoting student mental health.  

Facebook site Couples-help for photos/videos    

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   Couples Resources   for Marriage and Couples Help -from Imago Relationships International

   Genevieve and Mike at MamaNatural love Imago so much they made 7 more of these videos.
    Free-- Eight youtube  videos   about relationships Transform Your Relationship –
    Transform Your Relationship - "Mike I need you to stop being such a slob' -video on YouTube
    Reap The Rewards click here video
    New Hope and Inspiration - Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers
    Free Wedding Chapel in Texas
    Marriage Education in Texas: twogetherintexas
    The Source For Couples

       Photographers we admire: Dave Klingman helping couples capture memories,Dave and Diane -friends of peggyanddoug       

     Dancing for Couples-  Houston/Nasa Couples Saturday Night  Dancing for Couples- click here

    Fun for Couples:Houston Marriage counseling couples counselor Peggy Halyard and Doug
    Frobergsfarm , Fred and Katie couples helping couples having fun picking strawberries since the 30's  
    How Facebook May Improve Your Marriage Relationship
    Things that inspire you and may make you happy - Photos on Facebook by K. Jason and Kelli Krafsky
    Click here  for more information on Imago founder, bestselling author, Dr. Harville Hendrix
    Couples Help Humor in the Digital Age by Marga Vaquer, Relationships and Technology: "To Tech or Not To Tech, That      Is The Choice"

    The Marriage Whisperer
    For more information on Imago and Imago Relationships Therapy, please visit Imago Relationships International at
    Lifetime Planning, Patricia Barrett,CFP
    National Institute of Mental Health
    Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of various mental illnesses. Included are brochures and information sheets, reports, press releases, fact sheets, and other          educational materials
    National Institutes of Health – Health Information Index
    Encyclopedia of Psychology
     A collection of links to many areas of psychology. Their intent is to offer the best available sites organized to further the understanding of Psychology
    American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers ,Texas
    Family Law Attorneys:•  Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. 
    Estate Planning for couples:
     American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys,
     Hegwood & Associates
    Friendswood Mediation Center  Turner Mediation, Cravens Mediation
    Children 1st- A Parent Education Course for Families Affected by Divorce
    American Association of Marriage and Family TherapistsTexas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors   

    Imago Relationships Marriage & Couples Counseling &"Getting the Love You Want" workshops:you may wish to  consider a weekend  couples retreat  with:
    Bob and Cindy Ashkins  Peggy and Doug have enjoyed going to their  wonderful weekend retreat in New Orleans
    Ralph Butcher and Mindy McHugh-Marriage Counselors & Couples Workshops in San Ramon CA    

    Carol Anderson-Marriage Counselor & Couples Workshops in Fresno, CA

    The Wissahickon Center-RelationshipGarden- Marriage Counselor & Couples Workshops in Philadelphia, Delaware Valley, PA
    Dr. Tony and Becky Victor -Colleagues of Houston Marriage Counseling Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard, Marriage Counselor, and Couples Workshops in           Saint Louis, Missouri

    Susie Itzstein and Shelton Huettig, colleagues of Houston Marriage Counseling Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard, Marriage Counselors and Couples Workshops     in Stoneville, Western Australia



 Sandy K. Clay, M.A., LPC, LMFT, CIRT, CCHSandy K. Clay, M.A., LPC, LMFT is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who opened West Houston Counseling and Assessment in 1990 and has been providing individual, couples and family therapy to adults since then.

    Pam Monday- Colleague of Houston Marriage Counseling Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard, Marriage Counselor, Pam Monday- Colleague of Houston Marriage Counseling Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard, Marriage Counselor          

Genie Joslin-Colleague of Houston Marriage Counseling Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard, Marriage Counselor

Genie Joslin  Colleague of Houston Marriage Counseling Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard, Marriage Counselor


    Beth Johnson- BETH SCOTT SAFE CONVERSATIONS 2016 VALENTINES by peggyanddoug 50Colleague of Houston Marriage Counseling Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard, Marriage Counselor


michelle bohls- marriage-


Michelle Bohls-

Austin -marriage- counselor-colleague-peggy-halyard, Imago Workshop Presenter -Austin Marriage Counseling



  Klaus and Evelin Brehm - Klaus lives and works in Vienna. Together with his wife Evelin they run their own practice working as Imago Couple Therapists and Clinical Instructors. His focus with Brehms+Imago lies on couples therapy and the development and implementation of Imago Methods within the context of coaching and organizations.-Marriage Counselor & Couples Workshops in Vienna,Austria

    Tomas Burvall , Marriage Counselor and Stina Persson, a young couple  helping couples  in Bollnäs, Sweden
    Dr. Anders Avemo , Psychiatrist and Hannah Engel-Marriage Counselor & Couples Workshops in Stockholm, Sweden             
    John and Pia Mortensen - Marriage Counselor & Couples Workshops in Copenhagen, Denmark
    Jorunn Øverbø -Marriage Counselor & Couples Workshops in Norway  
    Imago Houston Relationships :Directory of Houston Marriage and Couples Counseling Imago Certified Therapists in Houston, TX,

    Denise O’Doherty    , colleague of Houston Marriage Counseling Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard     
    Marriage Counseling Guide    
    Texas Marriage Counseling Guide
    Marriage Counseling Houston : Family Counselors in Houston TX
    Therapy Tribe Houston Marriage Counseling and in United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.
    Mary Kuskowski,  Marriage Counseling in Houston, colleague of Houston Marriage Counseling Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard 

   Tenley Fukui, MA, Clinical Psychology, LPC, Certified in Clinical Hypnosis, Colleague of Houston Marriage Counseling Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard  

   Gwen Brehm M.Ed., LPC
Executive Director
Brehm PsychotherapyTherapist, Colleague of Houston Marriage Counseling Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard

    PsychologyToday-Find a Therapist:
    Masters in Psychology
    Psychiatrist- PsychologyToday- Find a Psychiatrist:

    Schedule - of "Getting the Love You Want"  Workshops  for Couples Help in Houston, Texas

    World Wide Directory of Imago Relationships International-Marriage and Couples Counseling professionals Imago Faculty and Harville Hendrix - Emeritus Board         Member Helen LaKelly Hunt - Ermeritus Board Member, Colleagues of Houston Marriage Counseling Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard

      Couples and over 1000 marriage counseling couple counselors from over  20+ countries have attended marriage counselor /workshop education training             programs provided   by    Imago Relationships International."
    Houston Marriage Counseling Texas Couples Peggy Halyard-Wilson Imago Relationships International Couples Workshop Presenter
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    Mid-Atlantic Imago Therapists Certified Imago Relationships Couples Therapists

 Imago Therapists  membership directory

Here is a partial list of the  1,000+Imago Relationship marriage counseling therapists-from 30+Countries-Outside of the Houston area

Atlanta Marriage Counseling

Austin Marriage Counseling 

California Couples Marriage Counseling

ConnecticutMarriage Counseling                                      

Dallas Marriage Counseling

Fort Lauderdale Marriage Counseling        

Illinois Marriage Counseling

Indiana Marriage Counseling


Iowa Marriage Counseling

LA's Hancock Park and Westlake Village

Los Angeles Couples Therapist

Nashville Marriage  and Couples Counseling      

New York Marriage Counseling

Indiana Marriage Counseling

Maryland Marriage Counseling   

San Ramon Couples Marriage Counseling

Shoreham Marriage Counseling         

Stockholm Marriage Counseling 

Vancouver Marriage Counseling

Vienna Marriage Counseling  

Washington DC Marriage Counseling


Houston Marriage Counseling Counselors helping couples

Houston Bay Area Mental Health Providers Network Directory 


Constance Austin LPC, LPA

Linda Boone,
Brent Bradley PhD, LMFT, UHCL Assoc
Gwen Brehm LPC, LMFT

Sue Brooks MA, LPC,
Norma Callender PhD, LPCBay Area Tutoring and Family ,
Lori T. Candrian MS,
Missy Cobb Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center
Kimberley M. Davila MSW
Sandra Dwyer
Wanda Eckersley MS,
Danny Edwards LCDC, LPC, LMFT
Deron Ernst LPC, NCC
Grey Fenberg MA, LMFT, ART
Carolyn Fitzgerald LPC
Mary Fricke MA, LPC

Tenley Fukui LPC 

CHRONIC PAIN MANAGEMENT:  Teaches techniques to reduce chronic pain including clinical hypnosis and biofeedback Uses a mind-body approach Helps with anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia, and loss associated with chronic pain Teaches techniques to decrease loss of concentration and loss of memory Improves interpersonal relationships

 Debbie Grammas,  PhD

Experienced Psychologist of Houston offers Effective Mental Health Counseling & Therapy

  Mark Groblewski LCSW

Gale Grant-Leroy MS,
Carol Haase-Greely MEd, LPC
Peggy Halyard BBA, MA, LPC  HoustonMarriageCouplesCounseling
Donna Henn M.S., LPC
Kathy Herranen Fisher LCDC, AACMemorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery
Patrice Houston MA, LPC, LCDC,
Darline Hunter Psychologist, LPCS, LMFT, LCDC
Jennifer Kuhl LPC
Larna V. Loeckle PhD, LPC
Jonette Malone LCSW
Sonny Maxwell
Gayle McAdoo MA, LMFT, LPC, LCDC
Erica McCarty MA,
Dawn Mulqueen LMFT,
Colleague of Houston Marriage Counseling Couples Help Therapist Peggy Halyard, Marriage Counselor           Misty Nielsen  MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Janis B. Rice MA, LPC,   Jan Rice has  Over 20 years’ experience counseling adults, adolescents, couples, and families; in private practice for over 15 years; prior to that as a contract therapist, triage therapist, and crisis hotline counselor
Barbara Richardson LBSW
Mike Ross LCSW
Angela Sarain LMFT,
Marylou Shackleton MA, LPC-S,
Kay Shroyer MS,
Brittany Smyth
Carolyn Watts MA, LPC, LSSP

Carolyn Ferrell Watts, M.A.  Author, LPC, LSSP, LPAI C. Wetuski LPC #3510
Tom Winterfield LPC, LMFT
Mary Jo Wood,

if you help couples or individuals and know of any good resources for couples including your own web site
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