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Peggy Halyard is a Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider #285-13821


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Counseling Houston Couples and Individuals.

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"For marital counseling and couples work, Peggy is one of the best. She comes with my highest recommendations!"
Ms. Gwen Brehm, MEd, LPC, LMFT, Colleague

Approach to Counseling

Peggy is dedicated to helping you find passion, joy and enhance the quality of your life. Peggy works with couples, individuals and adolescents to navigate through their life stages and to develop more fulfilling relationships. Peggy also works with individuals or couples on parenting and divorce issues. Peggy is also a family law mediator and co-mediates with her husband, Douglas Wilson, Attorney/Mediator.

Peggy’s approach to counseling is to collaborate with her clients to facilitate their self-insight and growth. Peggy employs different counseling methods depending upon the needs of the client. Modalities may include Imago relationship therapy, solution-focused short-term therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy.

Individual Counseling

Peggy provides counseling for individuals who are experiencing any of a variety of life’s stresses or are in crisis. These may present as depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, alcoholism, other substance abuse or uncontrollable anger. Peggy has facilitated Smart Recovery Groups which teach skills for coping with alcoholism or other substance abuse. Peggy works collaboratively with her clients teaching coping skills to manage life’s challenges, focusing on healing and positive growth opportunities.

Couples/Marriage Counseling


Peggy provides private marriage counseling and Imago couples therapy for all stages of relationships. She provides pre-marital counseling for couples considering marriage or remarriage, teaching skills, and tools for successful positive relationships and conflict resolution.

Peggy counsels with the ‘mid-life crisis’ couple who may have an empty nest and has focused for years on the children. She helps couples at any stage in their relationship to learning skills and tools to solve problems and connect on deeper emotional levels.

Peggy Halyard helps couples navigate through affairs to reconnection. For couples considering divorce, Peggy helps them process how to move ahead whether together or separately. For couples seeking to enrich a good relationship, she offers Imago couples therapy.

Peggy enjoys helping couples and specializes in marriage and couples help counseling She  also offers Imago Couples Help Weekend Workshops in Houston for couples with her husband Doug Wilson as co-presenter. Peggy considers the workshop to be the most efficient investment for couples in money and time because in just two days you learn processes, skills, tools, and insights to move your relationship into deeper emotional intimacy, passion and romance. see imago relationships marriage couples counseling counselors on "google my business"


Business Partners/Couples Counseling

"Couples counselors say larger companies like Cisco and Google have hired them to work with managers who aren't getting along." -April Dembosky

"Relationship problems between co-founders are among the biggest reasons companies don't make it. Increasingly in Silicon Valley, business partners are looking for help before things go downhill — they're signing up for couples counseling".- APRIL DEMBOSKY




Peggy works with adolescents to help them navigate through life’s transitions with healthy social and relationship skills. As adolescents progress to form their identities they experience issues including those of self-esteem, anger management and resolving conflicts with peers and parents.

Parenting/Divorce Issues

Peggy works with individuals or couples on parenting and step-parenting issues. She guides parents through difficult situations. Peggy assists parents and step-parents in discussing their parenting plan, philosophy and finding effective alternatives. Some kids are more challenging than others and often these parents are in need of support outside of the ‘status quo’. Peggy will assist with effective suggestions even in the most challenging of parenting situations. Issues can include an ‘out of control’ teenager, friendship building, conflict management, and step-parent roles.

Peggy counsels with couples or individuals through the divorce process. Going through a divorce can be an extremely painful time. Feelings of guilt, anger, and fear can surface. Peggy supports clients through the grief process involved with every divorce. She recognizes that if children are involved, a co-parenting relationship will also be of the utmost importance. Children can thrive after the divorce when they have a secure relationship with parents.

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“Peggy and Doug were outstanding, sincere, committed to each other and both extremely knowledgeable and friendly presenters.”


“My goal in attending the workshop was to create a closer relationship with my spouse and I achieved my goal!”


“The skill from the workshop that has helped me the most is learning how to express concerns, feelings, fears, in a non critical way to my spouse.”


“I highly recommend an Imago workshop to any couple: married, engaged or a committed relationship.”


“It was worth spending a weekend to gain the understanding and thoughts about myself and my partner.”


“The workshop presenters were excellent, well prepared, energized.”


“I loved the great job Peggy and Doug did being open and honest with us. I appreciate the help and support.”


“Peggy and Doug’s willingness to share their own relationship exemplified the benefit of the Imago approach effectively.”


“What I liked best about the workshop were the exercises that made the ideas very concrete.”


“Peggy and Doug are very knowledgeable and make excellent use of real-world examples.”


“I felt a connection with both Peggy and Doug and liked hearing how Imago has worked for them.”


“Thank you both, Peggy and Doug, for your compassion and devotion to your lifes' work.”